How do I Submit a Ticket to the Help Desk?

Actually there are 2 ways to do that.  I would like to introduce all of you the online Aux-Ops IT Help Desk Portal and Slack Channel Integration. By using these two resources my hope is that you will get the highest quality of IT support that our IT Dept. can possibly provide.  I have placed instructions towards the bottom of this email to explain how to use both of them.  I know that in the beginning there may be a learning curve for some and it may seem a little different than what you are used to.  But trust me, after repeated use of these two resources it will get easier and will allow us to handle your needs better and more expeditiously.  Often times we are either emailed, called, texted or sent a slack message for some type of IT support.  All of these are great resources and we love the use of these for communication, but to have tickets created that are sent to us in one place eliminates the need to not only continuously over-monitor these resources, it also helps us not to overlook or lose track of those request.  The help desk will also help us to monitor the handling of IT issues and track the step by step remedy of those issues.  You might ask, “well how do I know what things to send through the slack channel and what do I need to send through the help desk?”.  Although they both work roughly the same way and you can enter any request through either of them, the advantage of using it through the slack integration is that it doesn’t require you to actually sign-in or go to a separate webpage and we see the slack message faster than the email notification from a ticket added in the portal.  Personally, I would think of it based more on Level of Convenience and also Level of Urgency.  Often times when an IT issue comes up, you aren’t always able to go to a web portal or it would just be easier to use slack on your phone and for that reason that is why we added this slack integration to our service desk.  Now I know that everyone will tell me that every issue they have has a high or the highest level of Urgency.  That being sad, I wouldn’t discourage anyone from using the Slack Channel integration for any issue. But I would think about these questions first?


  1. Is the issue I am having keeping me from doing my job or getting a task finished?
  2. How many Users are affected by this issue?
  3. Is this more of a request than an issue?
  4. How quickly do we need this completed or fixed?


All things considered, personally I like to ask “Is this something that I have time to sit down and write an email about?”  Usually if I can answer this question, “Yes” then I could probably enter it through the Help Desk Portal and have more time to be more detailed about my request.


Below are instructions for using both the Help Desk Portal and the Slack Channel Integration.


Aux-Ops Help Desk Portal: 


The first time you go there you will click signup and fill in the required info and then you will be sent an email explaining how to finish setting up your account.  If you run into any issues getting started please do not hesitate to contact me and I will walk you through it. 


Below is the link to the Aux-Ops website, then click on the Helpdesk link at the bottom of the page and that will redirect you to the portal for the help desk.


Figure 1. IT Help Desk Portal – Login/Signup Screen




Aux-Ops Slack Channel Integration:


To make things easier for those that enjoy or find it simpler to use slack we have integrated our IT Help Desk with the slack channel called it_help_desk.  When you go into that channel within slack all you have to do is type the forward slash “/” where you would normally type a message and it will bring up several apps that you can use within slack.  Click on the one that says Freshdesk, then click on “Create a ticket”.  You will then be able to create a IT Help Desk ticket to send to us.  Below are some screenshots showing you how.




When you fill out the ticket, it should automatically fill in your email address.  Then under group you can leave it blank or click IT Support.  Also, the Agent name is not required.